COVID-19 Support

SEC Community Hubs

Several churches in the South England Conference are operating as ADRA community hubs during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. They are providing food, provisions and assistance in their area under ADRA's, I AM Urban initiative.

Contact the closest church hub to where help is required, or see the COVID-19 Support page for general assistance.

(This list will be updated as other churches are added.)



Description of Help



Food and provision packages.

Available for collection Tuesday 11am - 2pm & Thursday 5pm - 7pm.

Delivery available for the vulnerable and those self-isolating.

Barbara McLaucklin: 07985 440 967


Food and provision packages.

Delivery available for the vulnerable and those self-isolating.

Nichola Lauder: 07506 793 101


Food and provision packages.

Available for collection every Sunday 1pm - 2:30pm.

Delivery available for the vulnerable and those self-isolating.

Sarah Lubanga: 07538 945 829


Food and provisons.

Available for collection and delivery.

Also: Cooked takeaway meal every Wednesday 1pm - 2pm (Haven Cafe), and every 3rd Sunday of the month 5pm - 7pm (Love Feeds).

Karen Hibbert: 07496 879 499


Food for the homeless (packed lunch).

Available for collection every Sunday 12pm - 1pm.

Angella Gittens: 07538 546 970


Food and care package provisions.

Collection available every Thursdays from 5pm - 6.30pm.

Local delivery only to those who are self-isolating, or vulnerable.

Natasha Wallace: 07939 31201



Pastor Deyvid Batista: 07531 798 867

Stanborough Park

Food deliveries through 'One Vision' project.

Enoch Kanageraj: 07702 566 667


Food. Available for collection and delivery.

Monica Vassall: 07920 107 648

Eutella Simon: 07984 884 136


Food and provisions.

Delivered to the vulnerable and those self-isolating.

Pastor James Shepley: 07595 288 833

Tottenham West Green Road

Food delveries.

Sophie Charles: 07961 931 699











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