Children's Ministries

About Judy Clements OBE

Judy Clements OBE. BA. Hons. LLB. is a fourth generation Seventh-day Adventist, ordained elder and sponsor for Children’s and Youth ministries in her church, Hope Community in Beckenham. She is a passionate advocate for new and creative ways to evangelise the increasingly diverse, rapidly changing world, without compromising core Advent- ist beliefs.

Judy graduated from the SDA School of Evangelism, completing two years of training in lay and advanced lay preaching, and also comleting the Certified Elder Curriculum SEC training programme. She has organised, managed and de- livered evangelistic campaigns in partnership with other SDA churches and, in 2013, joined forces with two other lay preachers to deliver a two-week campaign, at the conclusion of which ten souls were baptised.

In 2013, Judy completed training at the International School of Field Evangelism in the USA. She has addressed the TED on the topics of Church Planting and Diversity in Healthy Churches. A member of the 2018 TED Faith Commission, she was involved with evaluating school governance.

Judy has been highly recognized for 30-plus years of public service to the nation and, in 2000 was awarded an OBE for services to the community in the West Midlands in the Queen’s New Year Honours. She has held many significant, critical and high-profile positions, including Independent Adjudicator for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and, up to 2017, Ombudsman for Students in Higher Education. Her past appointments also include, Head of Diversity and Equality for the Home Office in HM Prison Service, Director for the Independent Office for Police Conduct, Member of the Home Secretary’s Stephen Lawrence Steering Group and Chair of the Trust and Confidence Working Group. She facili- tated equality training for newly appointed members of the Judiciary and remains a member of the Westminster Senior Women in Public Leadership Network.

After recently retiring, Judy enjoys a portfolio career, working in consultative and non-executive roles. She serves as Governor at three faith schools, including Chair at Stanborough SDA Secondary School and Governor of Newbold College of Higher Education. She is trustee for ‘Together for Mental Wellbeing’ - a national mental health charity - and a member of the British Film Classification Appeals Board.

Judy has one daughter, Christelle.