Church Growth & Church Planting

About Wayne Erasmus

Born in Zimbabwe, Wayne Erasmus was raised in an Adventist home surrounded by an extended family with whom to share life and faith. He spent his teen years in South Africa before attending Helderberg College, obtaining a BA (Theol) in 1996 from Andrews University. His ministry path took him back to the country of his birth, where he pastored two of only six English–speaking congregations in the West Zimbabwe Conference, and initiated a reclamation ministry during three years of ministry there. Returning to South Africa in 1999, he spent the next eight years as a pastor in the North, Central and Southern regions, leading both small and large congregations to reach out to their communities with greater care, compassion and consistency. He was ordained in 2003 and obtained an MA in Narrative Pastoral Family Counselling from the University of Pretoria in 2006.

A pastor with the South England Conference since 2008, Wayne has served the Conference as a District Pastor (Area 2), Area Coordinator, Senior Pastor (Newbold) and, most recently, as the Church Growth and Adven- tist Mission Director (2017 to the present). Speaking after his recent election, Pastor Erasmus said, “It is a humbling and sobering privilege to be asked to continue for a further four years in this role. God is never left without a witness at any time of this earth’s history, and the Church Growth Department in particular has the joy of being at the frontline of that witness! God continues to work in the British Isles 2019! How exciting to be able to participate in His work from this perspective!”

Pastor Wayne is married to Karliese and together they have two delightful daughters, Matthea and Michaella.