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Life Development

LIFEdevelopment is a concept and process through which we build authentic relationships with anyone and everyone. Each individual has a different background and is at a different level of spiritual development. 

LIFEdevelopment gives us practical suggestions on how to point people on their spiritual journeys; the emphasis is always on relationships and building bridges, which will enable us to minister to people’s needs, first and foremost, and bring them closer to God.

Discovering Christianity
Discovering Christianity is a course that the department has helped to produce, which is based on the Biblical Gospel of Mark. The course helps people to discover what true Christianity is all about by studying, either individually or in groups, the life and teachings of Jesus. The studies help draw out eternal values that are so crucial for our lives today. The course includes the leader’s and participant's notes which makes it easy to be used by anyone who wants either to study for themselves or to share it with others.

Small Groups
The concept of small groups is not a new concept! Whether we call them LIFEdevelopment groups, Growth groups, or Holistic groups, they all help people to come closer to God, to one another and ultimately to share God’s love with others.


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