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Simple Church

What is Simple Church?

  • Simple Church was started by missionary minded lay-people and continues as a grass-roots lay-led movement. It is a ‘very old new idea’ that empowers the priesthood of all believers to do all the work of disciple making (Matthew 28:18-20).
  • Simple Church is front-line missionary work focused on reaching unchurched and secular people with the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus and is missionally designed to train front-line missionaries.
  • Simple Church is built on trusting relationships.
  • Simple Church is intentional about keeping its infrastructure very simple. But simple is not simplistic. Simple asks questions like: What are the bare essentials? How much of this is really necessary to share the Everlasting Gospel? What hinders a grass-root lay-led movement.
  • Simple Church is bottom-up, as compared to top-down. Mahatma Gandhi understood this leadership principle when he said, "There goes my people. I must follow them, for I am their leader."
  • But Simple Church is different. Simple Church typically focuses on western cultures that were once Christian countries but have again turned secular.

How To Get Started With Online Training? 

Follow the steps on the on the dedicated Simple Church Website. Begin with the Big Picture - Step #1 

The Simple Church Vision

To see organic disciple-making, church planting movements of small, multiplying, simple, missional, home churches right across the UK and Ireland.

Is Simple Church a “new” idea?

House churches were the norm in the New Testament, as believers shared the Gospel of Christ in a secular culture similar to what is now seen in North America. We have come full circle. Today we again live in a secular western culture. House church may be new to us, but it is a very old “new” idea.

What are some hallmarks of this Simple Church Global Network?

  • Working wherever and whenever God invites Simple Church to join Him in His Kingdom work, John 5:16-20.
  • Lay-led missionary teams. In other words, no one is paid to start simple churches. Each location is started by lay people (a CORE4 missionary team) who are willing to leave their comfort zone in order to reach unreached people.
  • Meeting in homes. A home environment helps side-step a number of items. For example, a home setting by-passes the "consumer values" that naturally arise in public settings (conventional churches, rented store fronts, cafes, etc.).
  • Each Simple Church is coached by someone who is also actively part of a different CORE4 team. This provides coaches with integrity and authenticity. It is not fair to ask a coach to coach something he or she has never done.

To find out more information, please contact the SEC Church Growth department or visit the Simple Church website.