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Seventh-day Adventists will communicate hope by focusing on the quality of life that is complete in Jesus Christ.


The Communication Department functions as the centre for all internal and external regional news, press releases and publicity related to the Seventh-day Adventist church in southern England. We oversee the development of all internal and external communication, specifically including hardcopy and electronic print and various forms of broadcasting information for radio, television and Internet. 

One of the department’s main focuses is on training church members who are interested in communication or have been elected, within their churches, to serve as voluntary ‘Communication Leaders’. The SECmedia Academy is one type of training that seeks to equip attendees with the skills to write news, take accompanying photos, publicise events, create and maintain relevant websites and ultimately lead communication between their church and our Communication Department at regional level. 


The Communication department has an array of resources available to assist local churches communicate effectively.  These include assisting local churches run their websites, sending news-releases to the local or church media, providing promotional items for use in exhibitions and community events as well as a variety of training materials and handouts.

Click here for Training Resources from our UK Headquarters (including videos on news writing, news photography and much more.)   

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GAiN15 Academy Videos:

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 1. Theological Storytelling for the Contemporary World - Tom de Bruin 

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 2. Devotion - Dejan Stojkovic 

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 3. Branding your Story - Celeste Ryan Blyden  

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 4. What Story do we Stream? - Delwin Finch  

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 5. Engaging with your Online Community - Karsten Øster-Lundqvist  

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 6. Managing my Digital Identity - Pat Parslow

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 7. The Power of Story in a Digital Age - Sheridan Voysey

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 8. Storytelling through Photography - Delwin Finch 

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 9. God's Story through Us - Victor Hulbert & Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 10. Evangelism 3.0 - Pedro Torres

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 11. Talking in Context - Victor Hulbert

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 12. Devotion - Celeste Ryan Blyden

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 13. Market your Event - Eileen Becejac 

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 14. How can the Church use Stories - Daniel Weber 

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 15. Design - Mervyn Weir

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 16. IT Security and Legal Issues - John Beckett

GAiN Academy Europe 2015: 17. Digital Breadcrumbs - James Poulter

Gain 2014 Videos: 

GAiN//Europe 2014: Introduction to GAiN//Europe 2014 - Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist

GAiN//Europe 2014: Church Creativity and the Digital Age - Ray Dabrowski

GAiN//Europe 2014: E-Learning - Is it relevant to gospel teaching? - Karsten Øster-Lundqvist

GAiN//Europe 2014: Second Screen: The paradigm shift in media consumption - Daryl Gungadoo

GAiN//Europe 2014: Advertising 101: Old school is still in session - Costin Jordache

GAiN//Europe 2014: Connecting with the Congregation - Delwin Finch

GAiN//Europe 2014: What is News? - Victor Hulbert

GAiN//Europe 2014: Workshop: Multicam Production - Costin Jordache

GAiN//Europe 2014: An Ancient Recipe for Compelling Communication - Costin Jordache

GAiN//Europe 2014: Present Truth in a Digital Age - Rajmund Dabrowski

GAiN//Europe 2014: Connecting with Today's Culture - Tom de Bruin

GAiN//Europe 2014: Why Should I Stream? - Delwin Finch

GAiN//Europe 2014: Advertising Using Social Media - Costin Jordache

GAiN//Europe 2014: The Social Kingdom - James Poulter

GAiN//Europe 2014: How do I Develop a Media Team? - Delwin Finch

GAiN//Europe 2014: Heroes Presentation - Sam Neves

GAiN//Europe 2014: Free Bible Project - John Surridge

GAiN//Europe 2014: Sabbath Sofa Presentation - Vili Costescu & Sam Gungaloo


Sorin Petrof PhD

Sorin Petrof PhD

Communication & Media Director

Don Roberts

Communications & Media Assistant

Alberto Francis

Communications, Media, HR, Ministerial & Teens Secretary

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