Diversity Ministries

About Sophia Nicholls

Sophia is a qualified health care professional, of 22 years, and has worked in higher education as a senior lecturer for over 10 years. During this period, she has been involved in the development, implementation and review courses in higher educational institutions such as the University of Brighton, Oxford Brooks University and the University of Reading.

She holds an MSc in Physiology and an MA in Education and has managed her own business as a private practitioner for 11 years.

As a member of churches in UK and Africa, Sophia has held and served, with fellow members, in a number of church posts. These have included Sabbath school superintendent, music coordinator, youth leader, pathfinder councillor, church pianist, choir leader, communication secretary, family life coordinator and Sabbath school children’s department teacher.

Sophia has a wonderful husband, Nigel, and 2 great boys, Matthew and Christopher-James. Matthew has severe learning disabilities and is blind with communication and other sensory disabilities; he is the inspiration behind the Adventist Special Needs Association (ASNA). She enjoys the work and mission God has given them as a family.

As the parent of a son with special needs and other disabilities, Sophia has worked, with a group of other carers, to develop ASNA, which was launched in 2001 and is a registered charity. She is also a trustee of two disability charities and sits as a member on a local partnership of providers and statutory bodies for adults with learning disabilities.

Sophia Nicholls
Disability & Diversity Ministries Coordinator