Family Ministries

The Family Department’s main aim is to help nurture and support positive relationships among single people, couples and families. Internally called ‘Family Ministries,’ the department takes the view that happy, healthy people, who are able to have positive relationships, can be powerful influences in today’s broken world.

The department is closely linked with the work of the Children’s Department, and also oversees Cornerstone, the counselling service for Southern England. It works together with local churches to help enhance the spiritual and emotional health of families, both in their churches and local communities.

Throughout the year the department organises family-life training, educational workshops, one-day conventions, parenting courses, and marriage and family retreats, held in locations across Southern England. Resources are also provided to support local church leaders.

As the Family Department believes that parents should be the primary educators of their children, it also promotes special projects such as ‘Kids in Discipleship’ training, which equips parents and mentors to help their children develop a personal and practical faith.

The department invests heavily in training church leaders to support couples through pre-marital guidance, mentoring newlyweds and supporting families experiencing difficulties.

The Family Department believes that healthy families, and people, are important in building a healthy church, and a healthy church is essential for a healthy society.


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Augustus Lawrence

Augustus Lawrence

Family Ministries Director

Ligia Buzac

Diversity, Family Ministries, Men's & Prayer Ministries Secretary

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