Zoom Meeting Security

Zoom is a useful and popluar video conferencing app used to host meetings online. However 'Zoomboming' (in which uninvited attendees break in and disrupt meetings, often with inappropriate content) is on the increase. Internet trolls are using publicly posted meeting links and IDs, to join meetings uninvited and then post content, often of a hate-filled or pornographic nature.

To protect your meeting, please follow the guidelines below or visit the Zoom Help Center.

Stage One - Before the meeting takes place

  1. Check that you have updated to the latest version of the Zoom app. (Version 5 introduced security and privacy updates.)
  2. Use the options below below (see Images A, B & C) when setting up a meeting.
    • Meeting ID: Generate Automatically
    • Password: Require meeting password.
    • Advanced Options: Enable Waiting Room, and Mute participants upon entry.
    • Disable 'File Transfer' to prevent the posting of picture and image files within the in-meeting chat feature. (Via Zoom's web portal)
    • Disable 'Annotation' to prevent participants using the annotation tools to add information to a shared screen. (Via Zoom's web portal)
    • Disable 'Allow removed participlants to rejoin'. (Via Zoom's web portal)
  3. Do not post meeting details in public forums
  4. If you don't need all the attendees to actively participate, use the Zoom app to stream the meeting through your Youtube channel (see instructions here​​​) or Facebook page (see instructions here. Only share the Zoom details with your guest speakers.
  5. If you have a large group get someone to co-host with you, to assist with keeping and eye on your participants to ensure the best possibly behaviour.
  6. You can initially create a meeting without setting a password, then update the meeting deatils to add a password. Send the password separately to invitees before the meeting via email etc, so that the ID and password are not in the same communication.

Image A


Image B



Image C


Stage Two - Once the meeting starts

  1. Use the options below (see Images D, E & F) as soon as the meeting starts.
    • Mute Participants On Entry
    • Uncheck 'Allow Participants To Unmute Themselves' 
    • Put Participants in Waiting Room on Entry
    • Make sure that 'Who Can Share?' is set to Only Host.

Image D

Image E


Image F