Ministerial Association

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The Ministerial Association Secretary, also known as the Pastor’s pastor cares for the needs of the ministers and their families and represents their interests at the appropriate administrative level.  The department’s main responsibilities include providing pastoral support for the Pastors, Elders, Deacons and Deaconess’ within the South England Conference.  

The department focuses on equipping pastors to nurture their congregations and training them in the area of chaplaincy. The departmental director calls and visits ministers and their families in their homes.   The Ministerial Association supports the pastor’s spouse through encouragement and training.  This is managed through the Ministerial Spouse Association.

The Association recognizes the biblical role of the local church elder, particularly in view of the ever-increasing demands on the church pastor and the need for lay involvement in the governance and ministry of the congregation. Therefore, the Association aims to nurture, train, motivate, and equip the local church elders in their leadership role as they serve their congregations and assist their pastors in soul-winning. 

Ministry in the local churches is broad and varied.  The mission of the church is to prepare men, women, boys and girls for the second coming of Christ.  The Association aims to accomplish this mission through its ministry to pastors, pastors' families, local church elders, deacons and company leaders.

Sam Ouadjo

Sam Ouadjo

Ministerial Association Secretary


Alberto Francis

HR, Ministerial & Teens Secretary