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Pathfinder Honors from Home

While you are at home ‘self-isolating’ and not able to go out, visit your friends or go to Pathfinder or Adventure Club meetings, we’ve launched the exciting opportunity for you to earn some Pathfinder Honours and Adventurer Awards from home. Just being at home and not having Pathfinder or Adventurer Club at church, does not mean you cannot do Club and still earn your honours or awards.Over the next few weeks, starting from this Friday (27 March 2020), we will be posting online sessions of Pathfinder Honours and Adventurer Awards for you to follow and do. This will be on the SEC Pathfinders Facebook Page as well as a dedicated YouTube page. A link will also be posted on the website - ‘’. READ MORE



Clifford Herman

Clifford Herman

Adventurer & Pathfinder Director

South England Conference