Personal Ministries

The Personal Ministries department strives to train people in the church to do two main things; reach others effectively and hold valuable training events. Many Saturday afternoons are devoted to carrying out workshops and programmes, in various churches and venues, training people to effectively share the Adventist faith.

This department is privileged to see people adopt different styles of ministry, especially as each person has a unique style of their own. They are able to see who works well in small groups, or behind the scenes or even in preaching positions; they aim to help people discover their own unique way of spreading their faith with others.

The Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) is an element that is also associated with the Personal Ministries Department. ADRA is an organisation that seeks to identify and address social injustice and deprivation in developing countries. The agency’s work seeks to improve the quality of life of those in need. ADRA’s emergency management initiatives provide aid to disaster survivors. The Personal Ministries department works with the Director of ADRA UK to help local Personal Ministries Coordinators in their areas. For example, each church gets involved in collecting money, internally referred to as ‘Ingathering’, each year and some even become engaged in a sponsored ‘Fun Run’.

Some resources that are recommended by the department include; ‘Practical Guide to Personal Ministries’ – North American Division, a compilation of ideas. Please get in contact with the department for more information on resources and training programmes.

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Michael Mbui

Michael Mbui

Personal Ministries Director


Mavis Bramble

Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, Church Growth & Stewardship Secretary