Personal Ministries

The South England Conference, Personal Ministries department, aims to inspire all ministers, ministry leaders and members within our territory to pursue the mission and vision of Christ for their lives and their communities. Therefore, we support our members and their churches with training and resources to enable them “Make Disciples” from within their circles of influence and by “Building Communities” of faith where they live and work.


Our Discipleship Program seeks to train all our members to become true disciples (John 13:35, 15:8), and in turn, to make them to become disciple-makers (Matthew 4:19, 28:19-20). The subsequent aim is that they will become advocates for a discipleship culture in their churches.

Our current training programme features five to seven sessions that illustrate the following:

  1. What is true discipleship?  How do disciples grow in the life of Christ?
  2. How does a disciple make other disciples and train them to become disciple-makers?
  3. How do disciples teach and preach the Gospel to make disciple-makers?
  4. How can you structure your church's activities and resources to reflect Christ's mission, vision and methods?
  5. How does the Holy Spirit work in growing the church’s mission?

The Department provides resources such as literature, financial and personnel, to support the church's mission. These include:

  1. General Conference: Discipleship Handbook,
  2. E G White: Steps to Christ, Gospel Workers; Evangelism; Desire of Ages; Great Controversy.
  3. Peter Roennfeldt: Multiplying Disciples; Following Jesus; If You Can Eat You Can Make Disciples; Discover Jesus Booklets; Enjoy the Living Word;
  4. Other Resources. It’s Nice to be Nice; Making Discipleship Simple; The Power of Hope; Hope for the Family

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Michael Mbui

Michael Mbui

Personal Ministries Director

Mavis Bramble

Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, Church Growth & Stewardship Secretary