Possibility Ministries

The Adventist Possibility Ministries (APM) of the South England Conference of Seventh Day Adventists aims to help our churches become communities that value and fully include people with special needs.

It Includes seven broad ministry categories: The Deaf, the blind, the physically challenged, the emotionally and mentally challenged, orphans and vulnerable children, the widowed, and caregivers. APM seeks to provide support and resources for churches, so that everyone’s gifts and talents can be used in fulfilling God’s mission.

WELLBEING - Promote and sustain the well-being and opportunities of the 7 unique groups of individuals. The deaf, blind, physically immobile, those experiencing mental health issues, orphans/vulnerable children, those mourning the loss of a spouse, and, the support of caregivers.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - Showing unconditional Christlike love and illuminating isolation in our churches and communities

SUPPORT- To establish an online deaf community church, where all deaf and hearing impaired may have a positive experience of church, as they create their own services specifically tailored to their needs.