Prayer Ministries

‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’ (Isaiah 56:7, NIV).

  1. What's my vision?
    I want to see a church that is inspired, informed and challenged to develop a sincere and further prayer life.
  2. Who am I focusing on?
    This term, my focus is children, young people and on anyone who was hurting and broken because of challenges in their life.
  3. What needs to be solved for them?
    The most important needs to be solved is to improve, enrich and engender members prayer lives; help people to turn to God in times of crisis and to deliver a deeper relationship with God through prayer. "Prayer does not fit us for the great work; prayer is the greater work."
  4. How will I solve this need?
    I plan to solve this by prayer days and nights of prayer. Praying lines for each church and area. A network of Intercessors who keep an eye on the community, and where is trouble, sickness or bereavement can step into offer support. I also want to courage our churches to have open hours where people can come in to reflect and pray.
  5. How does my plans support the conference mission this term?
    My plans support the conference mission by following the example of Jesus who met the needs of the people resulting intelling others of the goodness of God.We will do it through prayer!


Linda Mukwada

Linda Mukwada

Prayer Ministries Coordinator