Prayer Ministries

Making Disciples

The SEC Prayer Ministry will take part in every discipleship programme across the South England Conference by:


Prayer days for Children

  • Should be redefined, it should be a day enriched for prayer, children being blessed and recommitted to Christ
  • Including our young people in the prayer department

Conducting daily, weekly and monthly intercessions for the mission of the Conference

  • My vision is every Pastor should have a prayer day in their churches, where people battered by problems can run to
  • All Elders and departmental leaders to be actively involved in the prayer departments of their churches

Return to the Bible

  • Encourage all Church members including children to lead out in prayers  and newly baptised, also visitors to be involved
  • Every Church to have a safe area for training others in building a strong prayer life which will build individual confidence to have a personal relationship with god
  • Young people involvement in Prayer Ministry

Encourage Prayer teams

  • Praying mums
  • Praying Dads
  • Single mums/dad
  • University students prayer groups for areas

Praying for the Church Administration

  • Prayer departments are not there for prayer days only, they are for all days, they should be a day for praying for different departments in the Churches
  • Calling Pastors and praying for them is the responsible of the Prayer coordinator and their team
  • Calling different departments and praying for them
  • Keeping an eye for the lonely, bereaved, those who are sick in the community, pray with them, and arrange visits.

Starting Children Prayer line

  • Children involvement in prayer, starting in the home, churches and even in the conference events
  • I would like to strengthen the Prayer lives of children
  • We would like to meet the young people emotional needs to prepare them to have a good relationship with God