Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

The SEC Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department is like the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a Government. The department seeks to serve God, and represent the Seventh-day Adventist Church to external bodies whilst protecting Religious Freedom for all people.


Freedom to Worship & Evangelize


Proclaim the gospel and defend the God-given inalienable gift of religious freedom for all.


Support, protect and defend religious freedom and human rights, whilst sharing Adventist values of freedom of worship and belief.

Train and develop church leaders, members and volunteers as advocates of Public Affairs and Religious Freedom.

Provide guidance and support to individuals facing religious observance and workplace scheduling problems, discrimination or restriction to manifest their religious beliefs.

Work and engage with Councillors, Civic Leaders, MPs, MEPs, Government Ministers, Secretaries of State, International Organisations and Religious Bodies as a means of bridge building.

Monitor and raise awareness of social, cultural, legal, political and religious developments in a changing world, with particular reference to Europe and the UK.


Links & Resources 

SEC evidence to the Human Rights (Joint Committee)'s inquiry, The Government’s response to COVID-19: human rights implication. Link and pdf  download.

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Brighton Kavaloh

Brighton Kavaloh

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Coordinator