Sabbath School

The Sabbath School Department is primarily concerned with training and equipping Sabbath School teachers, leaders and superintendents to effectively teach and train in their local churches. The term ‘Sabbath School’ refers to a Bible study and discussion programme held in Seventh-day Adventist churches, usually on Saturday mornings (similar to ‘Sunday School’ or Hebrew ‘Schul’). This is either held together as a large congregation or in small groups.

The department strives to constantly revive the original function that Sabbath School had during the early years of the formation of the Adventist Church. It has become increasingly clear that in many churches, Sabbath School has lost its potential for spiritual growth, community building and outreach; we want to change this and also make it a more comfortable place to bring friends and neighbours who aren’t familiar with the Adventist Church.

Our plan in the Sabbath School department is to make Sabbath School more ‘user-friendly’. We want to make it a more comfortable place to bring anyone, from the younger classes to the adult classes. At the moment, the department has plans to develop Sabbath School into more of a personal study experience rather than solely an intellectual one. We can do this by extending small group study and discussions and advancing them so programmes are more accessible to people who aren’t Adventist or from an Adventist background, as well as becoming more encouraging for those who are.

Kwadwo Kwarteng-Ampofo

Kwadwo Kwarteng-Ampofo

Sabbath School Director

Mavis Bramble

Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, Church Growth & Stewardship Secretary