Church Clerk

Church Clerk

The South England Conference’s Church Clerk ensures records are kept updated. Responsibilities include collating quarterly reports, sent through from church clerks at local church level, and updating the Church’s membership database. This role works with the Executive Secretary.

Maintaining the annual directory of church officers is another major part of this role and, as with the quarterly membership reports, relies on receiving the information from local churches in order to supply accurate contact lists to the South England Conference Departments. Receipt of baptism reports, details of deaths, apostasies and those who are missing is vital to the Church Clerk and are essential to keeping the Conference membership lists up to date. Maintaining an accurate database is essential if good planning and provision of pastoral cover is to be undertaken by the Conference Administration.


Church Clerk Quarterly Report Form
Directory of Church Officers Form
Member Details - Transfer Request Form
Name to be Removed from Church Roll Form
New Members Information Record
New Member Details Form
Recommendation for Transfer of Church Membership 
Request for Transfer of Church Membership
Sabbath School Attendance Report
Church Attendance Report

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Tanya Grant

Church Clerk & CRB Secretary