Stewardship is the way of life for everyone who confesses Jesus as their Lord, Creator, Saviour and Coming King. Their talks and walks are always in partnership with God, representing as His disciples in managing God’s affairs on earth faithfully and responsibly.

The SEC Stewardship department assists the local church in accomplishing the mission of the church through leadership training and the education of the church members in biblical stewardship principles. More specifically, the purpose of the department is to aid in the integration of the Seventh-day Adventist belief system into every area of life-individually and corporately by providing inspiring and uplifting resources

Vision of the Stewardship Department

To Disciple Faithful Stewards in Every Church

Tithe & Offering Readings for 2019

Links & Resources

Stewardship Summit Montenegro 

Church Acquisition:

15 Rules for Fundraising - Victor Pilmoor
Building Project Guidelines - Steve Okelo
Church Acquisition Conference - Earl Ramharacksingh
Fundraising & Stewardship - Victor Pilmoor
Insurance & Risk Management
Maintenance Presentation - Steve Thomas
Stewardship Campaign - Victor Pilmoor

Stewardship Articles:

E G White on Fund Raising
Gospel Finance
Gospel Finance, Pulling Together
How Do We Give to the Eternal
How God Taught Me To Give
How to Solve the Budget Dilemma
How to Survive the Coming Crisis
How to Survive the Coming Crisis - Outline
In God We Trust - Gary Gibbs
Ministry & Money
Must We Give a Second Tithe
NAD Stewardship
Sending Tithe to Independent Ministries
Stewardship, Self-Reliance & Sacrifice
The Tithe
Tithe Difference in the Pentateuch
Where is the Storehouse

Stewardship PowerPoints:

Introduction to Family Finance PowerPoint

Spotlight Magazine:

Spotlight Volume 1
Spotlight Volume 2
Spotlight Volume 3
Spotlight Volume 4

Todd Frias

Todd Frias

Stewardship Director

South England Conference