About Todd Frias

Todd Frias, is the youngest son of the late, Pastor Abraham Frias and of Mrs Loida Frias, a Bible Instructor. Growing up in a pastoral family, he learned to love and serve Jesus from his early age. He was his dad’s little helper as they visit churches, preaching, teaching and promoting the principles of Stewardship, for his dad served as the Stewardship Director at their local conference in the Philippines. From childhood, it has been his desire and prayer to see members become faithful Steward-Disciples of Jesus. Though it was not his intention to become a pastor like his dad.

But God uses unique ways of calling, that, Todd found himself enrolled in the College of Theology at the Adventist University of the Philippines and later finished his Theological studies in 1996. Immediately after graduation, he was called to assist a district Pastor and after four months, was called to teach minor Bible courses at the College of Theology. In 1999, he accepted an MVS call, to assist the Filipino Group at Central London Church. The Filipino group grew through the leadings of the Holy Spirit and was eventually organised in 2002 as a church. On August of the same year the SEC employed him as part of its pastoral workforce, assigned to pastor the Filipino International SDA Church and Muswell Hill SDA Church.

He served the Filipino International Church and the Heathrow International Church until January of 2018. Prior to his appointment as Stewardship Director in 2015, Frias also served as the Area 6D coordinator on 2013.

Todd is happily married to Joy Lopena, and God has blessed them with two lovely daughters, Thea and Jana. Todd loves DIY, reading, photography, and travelling, but above all, Missiology is his passion.