Young Adults

The Youth Department works with young people, 18 + years of age, and is focused on the following goals:

1.To strengthen young people’s relationship with Christ through an increase in them attending church worship services and witnessing. We try to accomplish this by developing and conducting seminars to strengthen youth and young adults.

2. To provide contemporary, relevant resources for the young people in order for them to be able to get involved in a variety of ministries as well as to better serve their local church.

3. To encourage a greater involvement in the work of the Adventist Church and to provide opportunities to engage with communities, both in the UK and abroad.

4. To assist Priority Area Churches to build partnership in their work with the young people

5. To encourage, through Young Adventist Leadership (YAL), a culture which fosters and supports new initiatives, social entrepreneurship and risk taking to unlock resources in the form of buildings, people and energy. We plan for this to be implemented by organising, and arranging, visits for youth leaders to areas and programmes within the UK as well as to facilitate youth groups to help other youths.

Warren Gillin

Warren Gillin

Young Adults Director