About Anthony Fuller

About Anthony Fuller

Anthony Fuller is the newly re-elected Youth Director of the South England Conference and current chaplain of the Hyland House School. He has a BA in Pastoral Evangelism from Oakwood University, a MA in Systematic Theology from Newbold College of Higher Education and an MBA from the University of West London.

Anthony has served the SEC since 2011, first as an intern in the Lewisham Church, before being assigned pastor of the Fulham and Stonebridge District in 2013. In 2015 he was called to serve as Youth Director.

He is deeply driven by his call to the gospel ministry and passionate about working with young people who, he believes, are the leaders for today. He seeks new and innovative ways to reclaim, retain and train these young people.

Anthony’s desire is to know and serve God more through Spirit-led dedication to mission; to serve those within his sphere of influence, including his family; and to reach those currently outside the sphere of influence. Married to the former Caroline Campbell, the couple are proud parents of three boys, Anthony Jr, Christian and Ethan.