SASS Adventist Singles Ministry Presents: What Single Adventist Women Want - Part 2

SASS Adventist Singles Ministry Presents: What Single Adventist Women Want - Part 2

A panel of single Adventist women reveal what they seek in a Godly man.

18 September 2021 Online Event, United Kingdom


18 September 2021 09:00 PM
Men, Women
Ireland, National, North England, Scotland, South England, Wales
Free places


Dear Single saints. THANK YOU EVERYONE! to the 130 plus people who showed up to Part 1 of What Single Adventist women Want and the single Adventist queens who represented so well. Now! This Saturday night! 18th September, at 9pm, 4pm EST Broadcaster Sandra AKA Ebony Empress and Relationship/Marriage coach Hilton Samuel will be BACK with part 2 of.   What Single Adventist Women Want continuing with a PANEL of over TWENTY single beautiful Adventist queens  to answer Single men’s questions and give you their thoughts on what they seek in a 1 Timothy 3:1-7 or Titus 1:5-9 Godly spouse. The ladies will tell us what attracts them, what doesn’t attract them. there will also be an unnumbered great multitude of women not on the panel taking part too. ALSO We will have breakout rooms so the single Kings and Queens will be able to get to know each other.  Prepare to be enlightened!  

Our Zoom has a limited capacity for each event to ensure we interact with you effectively so register to get notifications early and avoid the disappointing error saying this Zoom is full. To the Queens attending.  Lets be prepared like the wise five virgins.  The ladies will be dressed and ready like Revelation 19:7 REMEMBER Esther PREPARED herself to meet her King. Lets do this!

For the Gentlemen attending.  JOIN OUR Future priests of the home squad!  Let’s show up and represent to the Queens!.  Gentlemen also get your best questions ready and 

a good idea for all attending will be to also put your Social media handles so people can slide into your dms. You will also get a chance to communicate one on one with the queens!  :0)  


Register for this FREE event at  http://adventistsinglesevents.com/


CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: No admittance otherwise.


1: For Single Adventists ONLY. All those who are single never married, single previously married and single widowed are welcome. No married people will be admitted to the event whether married or married but separated. 

2: Full names are required for entry. Persons not displaying their names will not be admitted.

3: Your Camera on is required for entry. As this is both a singles event to get counsel as well as form friendships, those who do not have their cameras on will not be admitted. This is also for fairness and for the safety of all the singles attending.

Registration was possible until 18/09/2021!