Breaking News from SEC Session 2019

Dr Emmanuel Osei is re-elected as President of the SEC

Breaking News from SEC Session 2019

Don Roberts

Dr Emmanuel Osei has been duly elected for another four years with an 87% majority at the 63rd Session of the SEC, at Portsmouth.

The result was greeted with enthusiastic applause and cheers by the delegates and observers. A smiling Osei was invited to the stage where he was surrounded by officials and members of the Prayer Team, and a prayer was said for God's blessing and a successful new term. Osei expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Nominating Committee and the delegates for putting their trust and confidence in him. He went on to say, "By God's grace we will do our best to ensure that the will of God is done here in the South England Conference."

Pastor Douglas McCormac is re-elected Executive Secretary.

Candy Layson is elected Treasurer. She becomes the first female Treasurer of the SEC.

Layson was serving as an Associate Treasurer. She was described as "very humble" and a "reluctant prophet" by the Nominating Committee Chairman, BUC President, Ian Sweeny. Tribute and thanks was paid to Fred Shone, the previous incumbent.

Osei, McCormac and Layson make up the new Administrative Team of the SEC.

Department Directors

  • Communications and Media - Pr Sam Davies
  • Ministerial Association Secretary - Pr Sam Ouadjo
  • Young Adults Director - Pr Anthony Fuller
  • Teens Director - Pr Juan Carlos Patrick
  • Pathfinders Director - Pr Clifford Herman
  • Children’s Ministries Director - Judy Clements
  • Radio Director - Pr Michael Hamilton
  • Personal Ministries Director - Pr Michael Mbui
  • Family Ministries Director - Pr Augustus Lawrence
  • Church Growth Director - Pr Wayne Erasmus
  • Stewardship Director - Pr Todd Frias
  • Community Services Director - Pr Max McKenzie-Cook
  • Adventist Muslim Relations - Pr Fergus Owusu-Boateng
  • Sabbath School Director - Pr Fergus Owusu-Boateng
  • Health Ministries Director - Dr Chidi Ngwaba
  • Women’s Ministries Director - Jacqueline Otokpa

Executive Committee

  • President - Pr Emmanuel Osei
  • Executive Secretary - Pr Douglas McCormac
  • Treasurer - Candy Layson
  • Ministerial Director - Pr Sam Ouadjo
  • Youth Director - Pr Anthony Fuller
  • Church Growth - Pr Wayne Erasmus
  • Children’s Director - Judy Clements
  • Stella Jeffrey, Area 1
  • Isha Scott, Area 9
  • Kay Levy, Area 4
  • Natalie Henry, Area 8
  • Kwasi Dankwa, Area 2
  • Nomsa Maphango, Area 3
  • Abigail Wright, Area 5
  • Pr Bernard Akakpo, Area 6b
  • Julita Francois-Innis, Area 6a
  • Esther Ayree, Area 6c
  • Pr Michael Salmon, Area 6d
  • Dwayne Lawson, Area 6b
  • Pr Steve Roberts, Area 6c
  • Abigail Wright-Stephenson, Area 7
  • Pr Sorin Petrov Area 6d, 6c, 7