Health Screening in Great Yarmouth

Health Screening in Great Yarmouth

Great YarmouthPastor Michael Walker

Sunday 6 October saw our health team once again in the Great Yarmouth town centre offering free health screening to the community.  Although the day virtually experienced continuous heavy rain, we were all protected inside the Market Gates Shopping Mall where we occupied the main thoroughfare.  We are grateful to the management for giving us free use of this site, which we have twice each year. 

Our location at the main lane junction is in full view as the public approach from each of the four directions.  Our screening service offers body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar tests, as well as carbon monoxide tests for smokers, and a counselling service. Although on this occasion, we had perhaps the lowest number of attendees than previously due to the torrential down-pouring of rain, leaving the town very quiet and the shopping mall fairly empty, yet we had the opportunity to talk to several people and encourage them.  One couple had just driven up from London to enjoy 'the sunshine in Great Yarmouth', only to find the main A47 flooded and torrents of rain!  What a disappointment. The lady's gabardine raincoat 'weighed a ton' as it was soaked through.  She noticed our church's name and logo on our sweatshirts and commented that they were Baptists.  After her health check, she accepted several of our booklets on the book stand, including Steps to Christ and He is Coming.  Her husband suffered from hypertension and was ready to receive the helpful advice we offered. 

Who knows the outcome of such encounters?  We pray that the Holy Spirit will use these introductions to lead various individuals in the right direction, not only for their physical health, but also for their spiritual well-being in preparation for Jesus' soon return.