SEC Pastor Recognised for Chaplaincy Work in USA

SEC Pastor Recognised for Chaplaincy Work in USA

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Dr Steve Thomas minister for Peckham and Camberwell All Nations churches spent most of last year 2019, doing the Clinical Pastoral Evaluation (CPE) chaplaincy training at the Advent Health medical institution in the USA. His placement involved working at the Houston Methodist Hospital at the Texas Medical Centre, Houston, Texas, one of the top hospitals in the USA and included Thomas in their 100-year celebratory promotional video that was specially produced.

Thomas specialised in: Intensive Care, Stroke, Organ transplant, Supportive Palliative Care, Cardiovascular and Emergency Room where he received his Healthcare Clinical Chaplain (CPE 5 units). This required an initial contact hours of 400 hours per quarter which contributed toward him becoming a professional chaplain with clinical skills enabling him to provide spiritual and emotional care at a professional level.

Dr Steve Thomas in reflecting on his training and placement said, "It was a God-given privilege for me to be working at Houston Methodist Hospital. Each hospital is staffed by committed personnel who exemplify the I CARE values: integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. Patient safety, quality and service are their highest priorities. Thomas remarked, "Their 'I CARE' values was personally experienced and I felt I was among family not strangers."

After his 12-month residency, Thomas in reflection said, "The clinical chaplaincy training was tough but rewarding. From the time I got to Houston until I left 12 months later, I engaged and ministered to a multicultural non-Adventist population of patients and staff." He said, "I learned how to work consistently at the highest level possible. It's a life-changing experience and I left reenergised and spiritually recharged."

The Houston Methodist Hospital 100-year celebratory promotional video can be seen here.