Ten Days of Prayer Ends on Spiritual High

Ten Days of Prayer Ends on Spiritual High

WatfordSEC Prayer Ministries

The ten days of prayer has proved a success in the past number of years creating more passion for evangelism, prayer, fasting, better relationships, spiritual growth, revival and people giving their lives to Christ. This is why the year 2020 began on a high note with a vast number of churches across the globe taking part in the ten days of prayer focusing on seeking the Holy Spirit. Similarly, multitudes came together in prayer via conference calls as many phone lines were open including the SEC prayer line and will remain open throughout the year and beyond.

Besides daily prayers and fasting, a half night prayer took place on Saturday 18th January 2020 to end the ten days of prayer. This event was organised by South England Conference Prayer Ministries Leader, Pr Linda Mukwada Nyamhunga and was hosted at Hyland house school in Tottenham, London.

The event comprised a number of speakers including Pr. Simba Muhau who gave a sermonette derived from 2 Kings 2 vs 8-15, making emphasis on the importance of experiencing the move of the Holy Spirit for ourselves. He urged us that in order to receive a double portion of the anointing, we must pursue the Holy Spirit relentlessly despite difficulties we go through, ask for the Holy Spirit and be specific, and receive the Holy Spirit so we become witnesses of the Lord.

The second speaker Clarence Jackson presented a sermonette from the book of Acts 16: 25 – 26, reminding us to make sure we are so filled with the Holy Spirit that if we end up in prison, we will be able to hold on and pray and praise to mention a few. He also reinforced the fact that until we have the Holy Spirit and are connected to God, we don’t have power.

Our third speaker Pr Linda Mukwada Nyamhunga encouraged us with a scripture from Isaiah 59:19, reiterating that “...When the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him” and we have no reason to be afraid as long as the Spirit of God is with us.

In addition to sermonettes, the night lit up with praises in songs, testimonies and a variety of prayers were said by Pr. Ray Patrick, Pr. Walter Humphrey, Dr Gloria Mosha, Dr Seth Asare, Pr. Jude Jeanville, Sister Edwards and Senior Bible Worker Brenda Rutherford. On top of that Pr. Ray Patrick conducted an anointing service and brought to light reasons why anointing is done such as; It is biblical according to Isaiah 61:1-3, 1st Samuel 16 vs 13, James 5:14 and Psalm 23:5. He further expanded on these scriptures in saying that anointing is carried out for service and ministry, longevity of life, prosperity, for spirit of heaviness to cease, burdens to be lifted, yokes to be broken, sick be made well, our cups to run over and for goodness and mercy to follow us all the days of our lives. Many individuals were anointed as a result. Anointing was done by Pr. Linda, Pr. Simba, Pr. Ray and a few elders.

The half night of prayer ended in fellowship over light refreshments. Praise God for such a powerful spirit filled ten days and half night of prayer.

By SEC Prayer Ministries Department.