Season's Greetings from South England Conference President Dr. Emmanuel Osei

SEC headquartersSEC President Pastor Emmanuel Osei

Transcript of 2020 Season's Greetings video from SEC President Dr Emmanuel Osei.

"For many of us, 2020 has been a year quite unlike any other that we have experienced before. We have watched as world leaders and governments have been thrown into disarray, desperately attempting to regain control amidst growing confusion and panic. We have witnessed businesses go under − never to return. Livelihoods lost, entire industries shut down and far too many of us have felt death's painful sting.

As a Church, ready or not, the global coronavirus pandemic disrupted the status quo, forced us to embrace change and gave rise to the exploration of new and innovative ways to engage in ministry. While many of our churches have been unable to reopen for corporate worship, it's been a blessing to see our doors opening to feed the hungry, our members mobilised to meet the needs of our communities through the delivery of shopping and medicines to those self-isolating.  It's been uplifting to see the number of congregations leveraging the power of technology to conduct services online and our young people leading the charge in engaging in social justice and spreading the good news via digital platforms.

Friends, let's not allow ourselves to get caught up in the frenzy. While those around us may fret and worry about what the future may bring, remember that we have the blessed assurance that our redemption draws nigh.  So look up, my brothers and my sisters!  Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

I do not know when we will have the opportunity to fellowship, one with another, as we used to. Neither do I know when we will once again have the opportunity to raise our voices together in song giving praise and glory to our Lord and Saviour.  For some of us, the next time we will meet is on that sea of glass and what a day of rejoicing that will be!  

While none of us know exactly what the future holds, let us take comfort in the fact that we know the One who holds the future in His hands. No matter how tumultuous life on this earth may be, be encouraged. God is STILL in control!

On behalf of the leadership here at the South England Conference, it is my prayer that God pours out His richest blessings upon you and carries you into 2021 with a renewed commitment to love and serve Him. I wish you all compliments of the season and a blessed new year!"