Watford Town baptism for mother and two daughters

Watford Town baptism for mother and two daughters

Baptism at Watford Town Church for mother and two daughters takes place two weeks after Church reopening following its closure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pool was set, the seats reserved, the church ready, the members waiting in anticipation and the hand of fellowship ready to be extended.

On 10 July, the second Sabbath after reopening following the church closure due to the pandemic, 3 more souls joined the Watford Town church family by publicly declaring their love for Christ. Thora Samuel and her two daughters Natisha and Ajanae Samuel all made their stand for God.

Family member and elder, James Willock, sang 'Your Grace and Mercy' just before resident pastor, Valentine Roach, preached the sermon 'Do You Believe' with scripture lessons from Hebrews 11:6 and Mark 16:16 outlining the change that occurs when you give your heart to the Lord. 

Ajanae, Natisha and Thora were joined by family and friends as they accepted their baptismal vows read by Elder Richard Henry and they then stepped into the pool to be baptised.

After intense studies with their relative Nadine Samuel, they each made the decision to be baptised as a family and the Watford Town church celebrated with them as they each stepped into the pool.

Elder Hilton Samuel, Nadine Samuel and several family members read their favourite Bible texts and their favourite songs were played as they entered and rose from the pool.

Elder Ralford McLeary prayed for them as they embarked on this new Christian journey.

The Watford Town church rejoices and asks that readers continue to pray for our newly baptised members as we know that the Christian journey can sometimes be a real test of our faith. 

Thora, Natisha and Ajanae will continue their weekly Bible studies, but now as members of a worldwide church of over 18.5 million members and we look forward to the many contributions they will bring to our local congregation.