A Double Celebration

A Grand Re-opening and a Joyous Baptism in Portsmouth

A Double Celebration

Portsmouth Church Communications Dept

On Sabbath 17th July 2021, Portsmouth Church re-opened its doors for worship, with members protecting and caring for each other by using masks and social distancing, after 16 months of government lockdown. 

The following Sabbath was also a joyous occasion whereby 9 souls dedicated their lives to Christ in baptism following months of bible study conducted by our own Pastor Dr Elliott Williams and others. 

The baptism was held over 2 services by Pastor Elliott Williams, in which 3 souls from our Romanian Church Plant were baptised in the Church baptistry on Friday evening 23rd July, whilst the remaining 6 souls were baptised at the Southsea beach, the next day.

The service was broadcast live on Zoom for those members, families and friends who were unable to attend in person, while others gathered in Church and by the seaside to join in this joyous occasion. 

Amongst those that were baptised were 4 Pathfinders and like in true Pathfinders style, their leaders and councillors were in full dress to show support and witness this grand occasion. 

After the baptism, one of the precious souls Pathfinder Ashley said, “I feel like I made a really good decision and I’m excited for my journey”.

Another Pathfinder Nathan said, “I feel different with an overwhelming feeling”

The feeling of peace and joy was echoed across the candidates faces as they emerged from the water. As another baptised member was being lifted from the water, she raised her hands towards heaven and shouted, “Praise the Lord! I feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I fell light”.

Twins Patricia and Denisa from Romainia are also really happy with their decision to be baptised in this time of uncertainty. They made the decision to follow Christ around 2 years ago when they started to personally study the Bible more seriously and read the doctrine. The girls decided that they wanted to take this step (baptism) in order to continue in their walk with the Lord and wait for His return

Reinhard also from Romainia was born and raised in the Seventh-Day Adventist church.His father is an elder but over the years he became very distant from God. During the pandemic he decided to get baptised. This is when he noticed that God had changed things in his life that allowed him to see how far away, he had drifted from God. From that moment, he desperately tried to get to know Him and His will better. He was prepared in December to get baptised, but because of the pandemic he couldn't do it. Reinhard is happy that the pandemic has now ease to allow him to be baptised.

Before the baptism, guest speaker of the day Pastor Mohan Abbadasari delivered a powerful message, “Why Am I Here”. This was truly a fitting message to help us navigate our identity and true purpose in life in this end times. Pastor Mohan also helped to officiate the baptism at Southsea beach.

We want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the 9 candidates who made the decision to follow Jesus in this trying time. In a time where people are trying to find their purpose in life and questioning why am I here, we have seen where God has move to change individual lives. Just remember your journey does not end here, but this is where it begins. 

The candidates will continue their bible studies and we praise the Lord for the wonderful things He is about to do in their lives. Portsmouth Church is currently holding several weekly bible studies with further baptism planned for later this year.