I Will Go: Sent to Share

Area 6C Week of Prayer

I Will Go: Sent to Share

Report of Area 6C's Week of Prayer 2021

Darell J Philip (Area 6C Communications Coordinator)

“I will Go: Sent to Share,” was the message throughout the Area 6C Week of Prayer held at the London Ghana SDA Church during 7th-13th November 2021. The week of prayer readings focused on the three angels messages found in Revelation 14:6-12 with special emphasis on the third angel’s message which admonishes people to worship the true God of Heaven while also identifying the end-time saints as those who keep the commandments of God and the faith ofJesus (Revelation 14:12) Hosted by Area 6C’s largest Church – London Ghana SDA – with a membership of over 700, the week of prayer was also beamed live to homes via YouTube, Zoom and the newly launched Area 6C Website - so that none would miss out.

Each evening a video message from each of the Area 6C Ministry Coordinators was shared highlighting the plans they had for the upcoming year as well as the progress which had been made during the current year in making disciples and building communities. In coordination with the Area 6C Coordinator – Pastor Anthony Opoku-Mensah and Area 6C Prayer Ministries Coordinator – Elder Alex Dhlakama, Area 6C Pastors and Prayer Ministry Leaders respectively presented the word as well as prayed for the requests which came in through all the various social media platforms throughout the week. Testimonies of praise and thanksgiving were a particular highlight throughout the week with some including those who had returned to the Lord alongside others who had been healed from illness.

The week of prayer culminated in a special day of fellowship on Sabbath 13th November with members from the 25 churches within Area 6C in attendance either personally at London Ghana Church or virtually via the livestreams offered throughout the various social media platforms. It proved to be a celebratory occasion as people from various cultures, ages and backgrounds came together in one voice to give praises to the Lord for all that He had done throughout the week. In his message, London Ghana SDA Pastor, Ebenezer Jones-Lartey reminded the congregation that the time has come when God will call out from Babylon all His people as the Great controversy between good and evil draws near to an end with the promised return of Jesus at the very door. Rousing applause and praise was given at the announcement of one visitor to the church who had indicated his desire to be baptized and to bring along his wife and children that they may serve the Lord together.

East London School of Music (ELSOM) Director, Fiona D Pacquette hosted an evening concert with support from the HACS Philharmonia and Woodwind Orchestra alongside the London Ghana SDA Choir and the incomparable voice of Chikezie Chike-Michael as a foretaste of the glorious praise and worship to take place at the triumphant return of Christ. As the week of prayer came to an end Pastor Anthony Opoku-Mensah charged Area 6C Members to go MAD in their communities – “You heard me right,” he smiled, I encourage you all to go MAD in your communities meaning that you are called to Make A Difference as you share with others the love of Jesus and the promise of His imminent return to take all His faithful children home.”