Jubilee Celebrations in the BUC

Jubilee Celebrations in the BUC

Catherine Anthony Boldeau

2022 marks the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Up and down the United Kingdom, diverse communities are hosting events to commemorate the 70 years that she has reigned. How is the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United Kingdom marking this significant event?

The Jubilee Spiritual

On 1 June, renowned musician Tina Brooks will release a special vocal and musical arrangement of the jubilee spiritual. The arrangement of Great Day is based on Leviticus 25 and highlights the biblical meaning of jubilee. (Click to hear Tina Brooks).

The musical arrangement was co-produced by 'Papa Dwight' and delivered by a group of singers who performed together throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, the majority of which are young people. BUC Youth Director, Pastor Kevin Johns, speaking about the production, stated, "It is awesome that this intergenerational project is underway. Our young people have much to offer, and it's great to see them involved in such a project. This version of the spiritual will appeal to a younger audience." 

The funding for this project was secured from the TED Creative and Innovation Fund. The second part of this project will be an arrangement for chorale ensembles produced in a classical a cappella style. This will be released in August as the Platinum Jubilee celebrations continue for the entire year. 

London,-,June,5:,The,Queen's,Carriage,Procession,Makes,ItsCommunity Outreach

Local grassroots hubs will hold community fairs, street parties and jubilee lunches over the special four-day bank holiday from 2-5 June. The IAMU initiative (a partnership of ADRA and Adventist Community Services) has provided a small pot of funding for eligible hubs to host a special lunch or deliver a sustainable community development project in their local area. For further information on the funding, please get in touch with Catherine Anthony Boldeau at

Special 'Celebration' Focus

To support this year's Jubilee celebrations and outreach activities around the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in July, Stanborough Press has produced a special edition of Focus magazine to be utilised as another outreach tool for members to give out in their local communities. These special magazines can be purchased through the Life Source Shop at the BUC in Watford or online at In addition, the LifeSource Bookshop will be open on Sunday 29 May from 12:00-5:00 pm, where the special Focus magazine can be purchased alongside other relevant resources.

In reflecting on the outreach work around the Jubilee, BUC President Pastor Eglan Brooks said, "We thank God for the life of our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. It is an amazing achievement that she has served not only the United Kingdom but the other 14 countries, for which she is the Head of State, so faithfully and well. Seventy years of service is truly remarkable. 

"As the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the British Isles, we take this opportunity to mingle with our communities over the forthcoming weeks in new and engaging ways. I'm also very pleased that some of the Adventist entities in the UK have collaborated to produce resources to commemorate this event."