Let Praises Rise

Let Praises Rise

Report of Hackney Church's Music Day

HackneyDarell J. Philip

Let Praises Rise was the theme of the Music Day which took place at the Hackney Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Sabbath 13th August 2022. In her introduction and welcome to the full capacity audience in attendance on the day, Hackney’s Music Leader, Joan Reid said: “Today’s music day theme – Let Praises Rise – allows you to think about what God has personally done for each of you. It’s a reminder that despite everything we go through in life, we are to still give God the praise He deserves.”

From the very youngest to the eldest, were a semblance of musical excellence on display including a rendition of the hymn – As the Deer on piano by Terval John alongside an accomplished piece – Praise to Lord - on violin by Terval’s sister, Ardina John, both students of the Area 6C East London School of Music (ELSOM) managed by accomplished musician and director, Fiona D. Pacquette. Hackney’s Praise and worship team led the church in a mix of favoured hymns and choruses before taking centre stage themselves with their interpretation of Let Praises Rise to remind the audience of God’s delight in inhabiting the praise not only of angels up in heaven but also of His people right down here on earth.

The meditational – To God be the Glory, sung so beautifully and effortlessly by Myrtle O’ Keefe adequately prepared the congregation for the message which would come from the day’s special guest speaker.

Sensing the atmosphere within the sanctuary, special guest speaker, Elder Fitzroy Morris from Leytonstone Seventh-day Adventist Church, galvanized the congregation to their feet in worship with the singing of the hymn – To God Be the Glory. What followed was a firecracker of a sermon by Elder Morris, who is currently completing his Pastoral Postgraduate and Masters in Theology at Newbold College. Expounding on Psalm 34, he reminded the church of how David wrote a Psalm of praise in the midst of him being pursued by an enemy in King Saul. “The past two years have been rough for many of us,” said Morris,  “Covid has changed the entire landscape of our lives, how we worship and how we relate to each other and even how we relate to God. But if like David, we would only just bless the Lord at all times and have His praise continually upon our mouth, God would bring such change to our circumstance that we could not even begin to imagine.”

In his closing address, Morris then shared with the congregation how the God who, at midnight, opened the prison doors for Paul and Silas who praised Him though beaten and imprisoned is the same God who can do the same for us even amidst the challenges we face in 2022. “It’s high time to keep your praise clothing on and let your praises rise from the inside for the God we serve is still at large and in charge of the affairs of man and most interested in everything that concerns us,” said Morris.