SEC Directors and baptism at Zimbabwe Adventist Women Abroad Conference Day of Fellowship

SEC Directors and baptism at Zimbabwe Adventist Women Abroad Conference Day of Fellowship

Jacqueline Otokpa

The Zimbabwe Adventist Women Abroad Conference (ZAWAC) UK held a remarkable Day of Fellowship at Newbold College in Zimbabwe on Sabbath, May 20th. The event was a gathering of women from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, aiming to empower and nurture faith among attendees. Among the notable guests was Jacqueline Otokpa, the SEC Women's Ministries Director, who graced the occasion.

The day was filled with uplifting music, heartfelt prayers, and expressions of praise and worship. Pastor Steve McKenzie, the SEC Property Director, delivered an inspiring sermon that resonated deeply with the participants.

However, the highlight of the day came when McKenzie had the honor of baptizing seven individuals who had made their decision for Christ. These candidates had previously expressed their desire for baptism at a ZAWAC organized retreat held at the Hay's Wood Retreat Centre the month before.

Jacqueline Otokpa shared in the joyous celebration and emphasized the significance of Women's Ministries in nurturing disciples and building strong communities. She reminded the congregation of the essential role women play in fostering spiritual growth and making a positive impact on society.

Linda Asare, the SEC Prayer Ministries Coordinator, offered heartfelt prayers and words of encouragement, particularly to the candidates, one of whom was her younger sister. This personal connection added to the emotional depth of the moment, further strengthening the bonds of faith and community.

The event not only deepened the candidates' faith but also inspired all those in attendance to continue their unique roles in spreading the teachings of Christ and contributing to the growth and well-being of their communities. As the echoes of celebration continue to reverberate, under the leadership of Elder Fluer  and Sister Lindiz, ZAWAC remains resolute in its mission to empower women whether from a Zimbabwe heritage or not, to nurture faith and make a lasting difference in the lives of others.