Faith In Action

Faith In Action

Mrs Margaret Johns

The gospel group, 'Faith In Action', based in Hampstead Seventh-day Adventist church, participated in Steel's Village Street celebrations on Sabbath, 6 May.

Amidst King Charles III's coronation celebrations, 'Faith In Action' accompanied by Bobby Carr, Leyan Saddler and Simon Nicholson on the keyboards – sang to the 'one and only King of Kings and Lord of Lords'.

Steel's Village comprises local community members and businesses around Steel's Road in Haverstock Hill. Lynn Whiting spearheads all the community ventures.

The Hampstead Adventist church has worked alongside Lynn on several occasions, including hosting authentic tea parties and Easter and Christmas programmes, to name a few. One of the projects Hampstead church conducts in its continuous effort to connect with the community is its regular in-house Mother & Toddler group every Wednesday.

The audience at the event was thrilled by the well-received music, and one public member expressed joy listening to the songs, mentioning that she felt 'at peace'. Another person asked who and where we were from, and we responded that we were from the local Seventh-day Adventist church down the hill.

As of Sabbath, 6 May, a community member requested the group 'Faith In Action' (FIA) to provide their ministry for her daughter's 40th birthday celebration.

To God be praised.