An 'Outstanding' Ofsted inspection for Newbold School

An 'Outstanding' Ofsted inspection for Newbold School

Mrs Jaki Crissey

After three days of intense Ofsted scrutiny, Newbold School was judged to be: 'Outstanding', with no recommendations for improvement.

Achieving this top grade is notoriously difficult, so staff and governors are delighted that the quality of their work has been recognised.

"We have known about the grade since the end of November," Headteacher Mrs Crissey said, "but we were not allowed to make it public until Ofsted had completed their moderation process. It has been difficult to keep the outcome secret for so long."

Newbold School is a small, independent school with a strong team who work harmoniously together. They are driven by the unstinting belief in the value of what the school offers. Mrs Jaki Crissey commented: "Our passion and dedication were noted many times during the inspection. Above all, Christianity was recognised as the heart of Newbold School. Our inspector said he could feel the Christian ethos surrounding him the moment he entered the school."

To everyone's delight, the children's excellent behaviour was highlighted in the final report: "Pupils' behaviour is exemplary. In lessons and at social times, pupils show great levels of self-confidence and respect" (Ofsted Inspection report, November 2023). The school takes pride in teaching its pupils to respect others, take responsibility for their actions and regulate their behaviour.

Another impressive feature that Ofsted recognised was the weekly Forest School lessons taught in the woods around Newbold College. Pupils enjoy their outdoor learning and benefit greatly from it. Mrs Mel Jennings, Deputy Head and Early Years Manager, remarked: "Our children learn important skills from an early age, including responsible stewardship of our planet, God's creation."

"An exceptional quality of education, from Nursery to Year 6, helps pupils to develop an infectious enthusiasm and thirst for learning. Consequently, they flourish here" (Ofsted Inspection report, November 2023).

The school has been described in the past by parents as a 'hidden gem', but it is time to let it shine for all to see.

"This is a historic moment. Newbold is the UK's first Seventh-day Adventist school to achieve 'Outstanding' in all areas with no recommendations to improve." Lorraine McDonald, British Union Conference Education Director.

To view the full report or learn more about the school, please visit the school's website