Plumstead Church Hope for Today concludes with nine baptised

Plumstead Church Hope for Today concludes with nine baptised

Ndumie Mafu

Plumstead Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church recently concluded a two-week evangelistic campaign titled "Hope for Today," held from 15th to 29th June. The campaign culminated in a joyous celebration on 29th June, with the baptism of nine individuals who chose to commit their lives to Jesus.

Evangelist Ray Patrick delivered powerful messages of hope throughout the campaign, drawing from biblical teachings, his personal testimony, and video presentations of real-life stories of transformation inspired by the word of God. His engaging approach resonated deeply with attendees, reinforcing the campaign's message of hope and renewal.

The baptism ceremony, led by Pastor Wentworth Sewell and Sindi Mabena, was conducted in two sessions. The morning saw six individuals, who had been diligently participating in planned Bible studies, take the significant step of baptism. In the afternoon, three more individuals came forward spontaneously, moved by the morning's events, to also be baptised.

The church community, including its board, expressed immense joy in welcoming the new members. They eagerly anticipate the contributions these individuals will bring to the church's ongoing mission to serve the Plumstead community. The campaign and subsequent baptisms underscore the church's commitment to spiritual growth and community outreach, embodying the very essence of the "Hope for Today" message.