ASI UK with New Leadership: A Fresh Commitment to Evangelism in the UK

ASI UK with New Leadership: A Fresh Commitment to Evangelism in the UK

Michael Garkov

ASI is back helping to spread the gospel in the UK.  The organization recently hosted an inspiring weekend event featuring Pastor Eglan Brooks, BUC President, as the guest speaker.  The program included powerful messages, exciting testimonies, networking opportunities, and the exchange of evangelism ideas.  The weekend culminated with a General Assembly on 23 June 2024, where new ASI UK executive officers were elected. In line with the organisation’s objective for unity with the Church, the BUC will have a permanent representative to the ASI UK Executive Committee.  This was the first General Assembly after the organisation’s relaunch earlier this year. 

Daniel Klop, the newly elected President, emphasized ASI UK's potential to support the Church's outreach efforts. He stated, "this is moment where ASI UK can really help the church in its outreach. ASI UK wants to help evangelical ministries and small groups, that support the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) mission, by providing them with resources and funds to complement their individual efforts."

The newly elected Treasurer, Michael Garkov, who was the initiator and main driver in reestablishing ASI UK said, “ASI UK is becoming a powerful organisation which could play a major role in the evangelism work in the UK. With its network of professionals, businesses and ministries, ASI has pledged itself to support the mission of the church in a dynamic way.  ASI UK is the platform that can bring the lay-led ministries in the UK together for synergy, higher efficiency, and inspiration.” Elder Michael Garkov is also the Treasurer of ASI Europe and is actively involved in supporting the church in spreading the gospel in the UK and throughout Europe.

The following individuals were appointed to leadership at the General Assembly: Daniel Klop – President, Karlene Agard - Vice President, Eric Welch - Secretary, Michael Garkov – Treasurer, Craig Gooden - VP Chapter Growth, Angel Alishev - VP Evangelism, Rachel Graham-Tohue - Director for Logistics, Chisha Chitambala - Director for Marketing, Sam Walters - Director for Youth Relations.


What is ASIUK?

ASI UK is a lay organisation that has been setup to support the Church's mission in the United Kingdom. Its objectives are multifaceted. First, ASI UK supports individual outreach programs that are in harmony with the SDA Church by providing resources, funding and exchange of mission ideas. Second, promoting networking, unity, and inspiration through its annual mission conventions; and fostering collaboration among church members focused on winning souls for Christ. There are various lay-led ministries in the UK including telephone evangelism, social media channels, health mission work, distribution of printed literature, and even building mobile escape rooms. ASI UK aims to bring all these lay-led ministries in the UK together at its annual convention scheduled to take place in one year.

Worldwide, Adventist Laymen's Services & Industries (ASI) is a robust network of Adventist professionals, businesspeople and ministries, who actively support the mission of the Church.  Among its members and supporters are 3ABN, It is Witten, Amazing Facts, church leaders such as elder Ted Wilson and many more. The organisation’s motto is 'Sharing Christ in the marketplace'.  ASI was officially formed in 1947 in the USA. During its inaugural meeting frequent reference was made to Ellen White's statement that "the work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers" (Gospel Workers, p. 352). This encapsulates ASI's mission to inspire laypeople to engage in mission and to work in collaboration with the church ministers and officers. Going even further back, ASI has its roots in Madison College, a self-supporting institution established in 1904 near Nashville, and its efforts were strongly supported by Ellen White. Today, ASI and its chapters worldwide are recognized as supporting entities of the SDA Church, described by Elder Ted Wilson as "the second right hand of the Church."

The main goal of ASI UK is to share the gospel, the love of Jesus, and to help prepare the people in the UK for Christ's soon return. The organization is committed to fostering a network of mission-minded laypeople and supporting their evangelistic projects. This commitment was emphasized by Pr. Brooks during his General Assembly address, where he stated, "I see ASI as people who are interested in growth and development. I see ASI as being innovative and looking through the crowd and seeing the right people and projects and putting things in place for other people to get a blessing.”


How can I get involved?

You can join ASI by becoming a member. There are two membership types: Ordinary Membership for business owners, professionals, or people running their own ministries, and Supporting Membership for students and other ASI UK supporters.

Together, we can achieve more. On our own, we can accomplish little, but working together, inspired by the Spirit, we can reach the world. ASI UK is a powerful network of laypeople who collaborate with and inspire other laypeople to work together to advance the mission of the Church. For more information and regular updates, please visit