100 Years of Stanborough Schools

Centenary celebrations of Stanborough Primary and Secondary Schools look back through the years and forward into the future.

Growing up in the Lord Revival

"You all need to be growing up in the Lord", said Pastor Noah L Washington, during a 2-week revival which took place at the Hackney Seventh-day Adventist church from 9-19 May 2018. Pastor Washington, who is the lead pastor of the...

Adult Service, Sabbath - Camp Meeting 2019

Three precious souls returned to the Lord during the SEC Camp Meeting held in Prestatyn, North Wales, on Sabbath 22nd June 2019.  Andrew Webb, Grace Manza and Eva Owusu, who had attended the Camp Meeting which took place from...

Youth Service, Sabbath - Camp Meeting 2019

Sabbath at Camp Meeting was a high day for the young adults. There was a sense of saving the best for last, and Pastor Dewaine Frasier continued his high energy, dynamic preaching by encouraging those present to move from being...

Teens Service, Sabbath - Camp Meeting 2019

The Teens’ programme ended this Sabbath on a spiritual high. In the morning they discussed body dissatisfaction and social media. Despite the benefits of increased connectivity with people around the world, they highlighted the...

Children Not in School Government Consultation: BUC Response

The UK Government as part of the process of framing and passing laws, will often conduct consultations so that professionals and members of the public can give their opinion on the law(s) that are to be framed.