SEC Session 2023

The 64th SEC Session was held at the University of Essex, Colchester, 7th to 10th September 2023. This event which comes around every four years and was last held in September 2019.       

The work of the session is an essential part of the governance of the SEC and a great deal of business is conducted over the four days.

  • Appointing a recommendations committee, which in turn makes recommendations for the nominating committee, constitutional committee, Credentials and licenses Committee and Plans committee.
  • The nominating committee will work during the Session to recommend to the delegates:
    -  Voting new officers (President, Executive Secretary & Treasurer)
    -  Voting new executive committee members/trustees
    -  Voting new departmental directors
  • The Credentials and licenses Committee will review the following:
    -  Voting new credentials and licences for all employees for the next four years
    -  Review the Lay preachers from the local congregations
  • Each department of the Conference will give a report of their work for the previous four years and take questions
  • A crucial part of the work of Session is reviewing the proposed changes to our governing document which was last updated in 2015.  You can learn more about the constitution and the proposed changes by on the  SEC Constitition page.

These are just some of the main items of business. For more information about the responsibilities and roles of session delegates see the Church Manual or this document which has the relevant paragraphs.

You can find the current Church Manual online at

The GC Rules of Order which are used to guide Session proceedings can be downloaded here.

    SEC Session 2023 Documents

    Session Minutes

    Session minutes

    Session Reports

    Treasurer's Report




    South England Conference Audited Accounts

    A copy of the last five years of audited financial statements and trustees annual report can be found and downloaded from the Charity Commission website and it also contains additional information about the Conference which you find useful.

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