Who we are

The South England Conference (SEC) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has over 200 congregations.  These include approximately 21,000 members, with a church in most large towns in the southern territory of England, with the largest proportion in the Greater London area.

The SEC offices are made up of 26 departments ranging from a Health Department to a Children's Department. Each department is involved with supporting local churches with resources, training and organising relevant events.

The administration team includes the President, Executive Secretary and the Treasurer. This team is also supported by an Executive Committee, made up of pastors, church members and departmental directors, who discuss and vote on important issues that affect various aspects of the Conference and its workings.

The SEC operates three primary schools in Plymouth, Bracknell and Tottenham. Across the south of England, the SEC runs a variety of churches and venues, from the Advent Centre, in Central London, to the Chapel Porth Campsite, in Cornwall.

The SEC is one region out of five in the UK and Ireland, with our national headquarters titled the British Union Conference (BUC). The BUC look after all five regions giving departmental and financial support.

We are also part of a much larger, world-wide Church family with over 17 million members!