Church Growth & Adventist Mission

The Church Growth & Adventist Mission Department encourages and oversees intentional, coordinated church planting initiatives. To this end we:

  • Collaborate with established congregations toward planting opportunities,
  • Work with local church revitalisation initiatives,
  • Support relevant and creative mission expansion initiatives,
  • Offer and facilitate coaching,
  • Encourage varied evangelistic outreach events that seek to improve the overall impact of Adventist congregations in their local communities.

All Church Plant/Group/Company/Church Status and Global Mission applications come through this department which will work with and support local leadership toward the various desired outcomes.

A variety of printed and digital resources are also promoted and developed to support local, contextual mission.

Wayne Erasmus

Wayne Erasmus

Church Growth & Adventist Mission Director

Mavis Bramble

Personal Ministries, Sabbath School, Church Growth & Stewardship Secretary


Natural Church Development

A series of short videos on Natural Church Development by Pastor Wayne Erasmus.

Mission Possible

A 4 part documentary series from the SEC, exploring historical Christian sites in the UK and how they help us further our Christian faith today.