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The Executive Secretary's Department operates much like a Company Secretary. The role of the Executive Secretary is to perform general administrative responsibilities and assist the President in the work of managing the South England Conference.

Overseeing record keeping is a major part of this role and includes the reporting of statistics, about church activities and membership, to church administration and the Charity Commission. Accurate records help the Conference evaluate its progress and plan for the future. It is the job of the Executive Secretary to help ensure that the church organisation runs smoothly.

The Executive Secretary's Department organises the quadrennial (every four years) South England Conference Sessions, where department directors are elected, and is responsible for record keeping for the Executive Committee (the board of Trustees). Human Resources Management, Membership Records (Church Clerk) and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) administration are functions of the Secretariat Department and the personnel carrying these functions are line-managed by the Executive Secretary.

The Executive Secretary is responsible for keeping the working of the Conference in line with the Adventist Church’s national and global policies, this includes promoting policy compliance by local congregations.

Nathan Stickland

Nathan Stickland

Executive Secretary

Valerie Austin

Secretariat Administrative Secretary

Tanya Grant

Church Clerk & DBS Secretary

Jacqui Crawford

Jacqui Crawford

Human Resources Manager

Duane Davidson

IT Technician Support Lead